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Experience counts. For decades, we have been working with Emerging Managers, to include first time funds and spin out funds. We combine best-of-class services, next-generation technologies and unparalleled expertise so your fund can launch with the focus of delivering results to your investors.

Fund administration for
emerging managers

For you

For you

In serving emerging managers for decades, we know there is no substitute for prior experience. Given the increased complexity of fund structures and importance of the administrator’s role servicing private equity funds and investors, it is critical that emerging managers partner with a provider that demonstrates exceptional experience, team continuity and the ability to perform seamlessly in today’s environment.

For emerging managers

For emerging managers

Gen II understands Emerging Manager fund’s unique needs and challenges. We seamlessly meet today’s investor requirements, offer proven ability to scale with clients, and provide expert guidance to management company and GP entities. The best way to ensure your service provider understands these needs is to know that they have extensive experience working with emerging managers.

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    Emerging Managers Fund Services

    Gen II’s clients leverage our deep relationships with LPs and LP consultants and our more than 25 years of experience in firm and fund formation, helping emerging managers build a strong foundation for success:

    • New firm and fund launch consultation
    • Review of operational best practices
    • Establishment of standard operating procedures
    • Operational due diligence assistance
    • Complete suite of Fund administration services
    • Management Company budgeting and forecasting
    • Management Company accounting, administration and reporting
    • Bill payment and vendor maintenance
    • Expense tracking and allocation
    • Comprehensive Financial and Operational Reporting
    • Data analytics and integration
    • Coordination with other service providers

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