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Facilities Director – New York, NY

The Facilities Director handles all aspects of the management, maintenance, repair, and improvement of Gen II’s offices. In addition, the role takes leadership for the identification, procurement, and setup of new office space or locations, in partnership with business leadership, coordinating with real estate brokers, building management, contractors, and vendors.

The role manages 2 individuals, the facilities coordinator, and facilities assistant. The role also manages the outsourced relationship for the New York-based receptionist services


Primary responsibilities include:


· Effectively manage all property-related works projects, making optimal use of office accommodation and facilities.

· Regular liaison between senior management & property management team.

· Understanding of current Landlord/tenant relations and dealing with the operational requirements as necessary.

· Ensures the effective performance management of facilities contract services including; building maintenance, security, cleaning, waste management, stationery, environmental, and building services.

· Ensures the provision and adherence to agreed security measures and procedures for staff and buildings including security systems.

· Managing the Facilities Coordinator, day porter team in the provision of mail, logistics, meeting room, and event support, reception and main switchboard.

· Responsible for the storage and upkeep of PPE, pantry, and restroom inventories.

· Developing and managing vendor contacts/relationships

· Assist HR with special events, meetings, functions

· Procurement/Finance: 1) Procurement for Facilities & Technology equipment (Hardware, software, office supplies, etc.) including the negotiation of services with contractors& vendors for best cost savings. 2) Leads in the effective; management, procurement, and provision of appropriate insurance cover for staff, buildings, contents, and equipment. 3) Provides input to facilitate the preparation of Facilities budgets. 4) Review office expenditure-related invoices ensuring that funds are spent appropriately, reviewing spending if necessary, ensuring best value for money.

· Ensures compliance with OSHA Health & Safety policy, processes, and procedures in all operational activities, ensuring appropriate risk assessments are carried out and corrective actions documented and addressed.

· Liaises with the Fire Department/building management on the Fire Safety Systems.

· People management in relation to team performance management, including training and development.

· Oversee Leases and works with Corporate real estate brokers to procure and negotiate new lease spaces.

· Perform site visits to all locations and address all issues.

· Oversee construction projects for all locations.

· Space planning & reporting

· Member of business continuity team

· Damage control

· Prepares written/electronic materials (e.g. work orders, safety inspections, supply requisitions, inventory records, etc.) for the purpose of documenting activities and/or relating information to administration for action.

· Collaborates with building administrator to conduct a variety of training and drills with staff (e.g. fire, intruder, health and safety, etc.) for the purpose of ensuring that emergency procedures are in order, alarm systems are operational and/or established procedures are effective.

· Perform other duties as may be required from time to time.



Job Requirements, Skills, Education and Experience:

• Minimum of 20+ years of facilities management experience required

· Demonstrated experience with procurement and vendor management preferred

· Experience with assessing and leading real estate strategy efforts ideal

• Proficiency in MS Office with a focus on Microsoft Word, Outlook and PowerPoint

• Ability to multitask

• Communication skills, professional presence and excellent organization skills

• Comfortable working in a fast-paced and changing office environment

• Flexible, responsible, dependable and efficient