People Experience Coordinator – New York, NY

The People Experience Coordinator will be responsible for ensuring that all new employees receive a fulfilling onboarding process and all functional areas of the firm complete their pre-and post-employment responsibilities in a timely and compliant manner. This includes but is not limited to ensuring that all appropriate paperwork is delivered and acknowledged, company hardware is ordered and delivered to the incumbent, the HR onboarding process is completed, and employee follow-up meetings occur up to 90+ days from DOH.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Communicate with employees once they accept their job offer, remain in communication with them to ensure a smooth onboarding experience
  • Ensure that background check is completed
  • Track status of to-do items on the employee new hire checklist which encompass HR, IT, Hiring Manager/Buddy, Facilities, etc.
  • Open, manage and eventually close new hire tickets in the IT system to ensure all components of onboarding are completed
  • Provide new hires with a single point of contact during their pre-employment timeframe
  • Ensure HR Operations, TAQ team, and hiring manager are aware of anything that may jeopardize employee start date