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We work with you from launch through the full lifecycle of your investment vehicles, administering all dimensions across the most complex management company structures. Your funds are structurally and operationally unique, so we tailor our service plan to your specific needs.

Fund administration from Gen II
is a unique experience

For you

For you

Your primary focus as a fund manager is delivering returns to your investors. Staying ahead of your fund’s administration, accounting and reporting mandates – while ensuring compliance – can divert your focus. That’s where we come in.

For your LPs

For your LPs

From the start, investors will have confidence that your back office is institutional grade. From upfront operating due diligence to annual questionnaires, we ensure your operations stand up to the rigors of persistent investor inspection.

We’ll enable you to provide thorough, timely and transparent reporting in forms that you design for your investors. And as requirements shift, we’ll continue to evolve content in response to what investors tell you they need.

Technology enabled services

  • Integrated Services

  • Private Equity

  • Real Estate

  • Credit Funds

  • Fund of Funds

  • Management Companies

    Management Company Services

    We provide management companies clients with a fully customizable service plan which includes:

    • New firm and fund launch consultation
    • Review of operational best practices
    • Establishment of standard operating procedures
    • Management company budgeting and forecasting
    • Management company accounting and reporting
    • Bill payment and vendor maintenance
    • Expense tracking and allocation
    • Comprehensive financial and operational reporting
    • Data analytics and integration
    • Coordination with other service providers

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  • Emerging Managers

  • General Partners

  • Luxembourg Services

  • Compliance Services