Fund administration by industry experts

The backbone of a successful private equity fund lies in strong investment performance supported by robust fund accounting and reporting services that ensure optimal investment selection, risk management, and adherence to regulatory standards. By enlisting the expertise of an administrative partner, funds can secure comprehensive support across all aspects of accounting, compliance, and organization.

This includes a fully customizable service suite designed to streamline operations, allowing the fund's management to prioritize strategic growth and investment excellence. With such professional services, funds can maintain operational integrity while focusing on generating attractive returns.

Tailored Fund Accounting & Reporting Services

Private equity fund accounting and reporting are pivotal for managing investments and ensuring profitable distributions to investors. Gen II's expertise provides customized services, streamlining fund financials and administration with advanced industry knowledge and systems.

Financial Accounting

Financial reporting, investment reporting with detailed footnotes, performance modeling, and underlying fund analytics.

Financial Management

Calculating management fees, carried interest, preferred returns, and both realized and unrealized waterfall calculations.

Capital Management

Overseeing capital call and distribution processing, maintaining capital accounts, and supporting credit facility transactions.

Compliance & Regulatory

Ensuring the fund complies with regulatory requirements, such as AML & KYC, FATCA & CRS, Form PF, and industry regulatory requirements.

Investor Services

Handling investor reporting, subscriptions, redemptions, capital calls, drawdowns/distributions, and maintaining investor records and share/unit registers.

Transaction Management

Accounting for the sourcing, due diligence, and execution of investment deals, as well as the ongoing management of portfolio companies.

Accounting & Reporting That Boosts Investor Confidence

Gen II bolsters investor trust by expertly managing complex financial operations and reporting for funds, ensuring efficient operations and compliance. Our precision in financial reporting allows managers to concentrate on strategic goals over day-to-day accounting.