Fund administration by industry experts

General Partner entities within the financial sponsor structure in private equity funds need the support to keep investment funds moving forward. The General Partner should focus their time and the time of their partner management company on securing funding through third-party investors, exploring and vetting new opportunities, and building relations.

By engaging an administrative expert, you will have the peace of mind that all the GP accounting, compliance, and organizational work is complete. Gen II offers a fully customizable service plan that allows GPs to focus on the things that continue to sponsor and grow your private equity fund.

Best-in-class fund administration services

The General Partner entity, or GP, and the management company are responsible for analyzing financial sponsorship opportunities and making decisions regarding capital allocation. You also want the LPs within your fund to have access to the necessary investor information and gold-standard investor services.

The GP shoulders the weight of your investors’ growth expectations - Gen II has the staff, expertise, and the systems to shoulder the rest. At Gen II, we provide our GP clients with a fully customizable service plan which includes:

  • Consultation on organizational structure and governing documents
  • Full administration and accounting for all sponsor entities
  • Investor services
  • Tracking and maintenance of carry plans including vesting and leverage
  • Comprehensive financial and investor reporting
  • Data analytics and integration
  • Coordination with other service providers
  • Domiciliation services
  • Corporate governance
  • Directorship services
  • Tax coordination services

Timely & accurate financial reports

As the GP, your entity is the touchstone for LPs. They see you as the ultimate authority on all things financial within your private equity fund.

However, as you know, that doesn't mean that you must roll up your sleeves and dive into the day-to-day accounting. On the contrary, if you have a knowledgeable and skilled accounting partner with a deep understanding of the requirements of financial sponsors and private equity fund accounting principles, then you can convey or report to your investor group with confidence knowing that your information is accurate, guaranteed, and fully compliant.

Fund analytics designed specifically for you

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Gen II’s cloud-based, purpose-driven analytics platform, Private Equity Exchange or PEX, creates a reporting and analytics environment that allows you to design and customize output for both you and your investors. PEX absorbs vast amounts of digital information, and once assimilated, your data analytics can be normalized, sorted, and seamlessly reported in your selected format.

We achieve a blended environment of accounting and database information with PEX that uses ultra-secure data encryption to provide you with on-demand access from any device. The pre-defined suite of proprietary tools and digital technologies allows you to access your information in real time.