Fund administration by industry experts

A General Partner (GP) entity plays a critical role in the success of a private equity fund, responsible for identifying and executing investments that will generate attractive returns for the LPs, while also managing risk and ensuring that the fund operates in compliance with applicable regulations.

By engaging an administrative expert, you will have the peace of mind that all GP accounting, compliance, and organizational work is complete. Gen II offers a fully customizable service plan that allows GPs to focus on the things that continue to champion and grow your private equity fund.

Best-in-class fund administration services

The GP entity is responsible for sourcing investment opportunities, conducting due diligence, negotiating deals, and managing the portfolio companies. The entity is also responsible for distributing the profits generated by the fund's investments to the limited partners (LPs) who have invested in the fund.

The GP shoulders the weight of your investors’ growth expectations – while Gen II has the staff, expertise, and systems to shoulder the rest. At Gen II, we provide a fully customizable service plan which includes:

  • Consultation on organizational structure and governing documents
  • Full administration and accounting for all sponsor entities
  • Treasury services
  • Investor services
  • Tracking and maintenance of carry plans
  • Detailed tracking of leverage use by member
  • Comprehensive financial and investor reporting
  • Data analytics and integration
  • Compliance services (AML/KYC, Form PF, FATCA/CRS)
  • Coordination with other service providers
  • Tax coordination services

Timely & accurate financial reports

As the GP, your entity is the touchstone for LPs. They see you as the ultimate authority on financial matters within your private equity fund.

However, as you know, that doesn't mean that you must roll up your sleeves and dive into day-to-day accounting. Instead, you need to have a knowledgeable and skilled private equity fund administrator with a deep understanding of the requirements needed to efficiently operate a GP entity, comply with regulations, and deliver timely and accurate reporting to investors.