Fund administration that scales with your business

At Gen II, we support our clients across various asset classes and strategies with industry-leading fund administration services. This enables our sponsor clients to demonstrate ever-expanding control, quality, and transparency to their investors and stakeholders.

Our extensive experience within the industry allows us to step into your fund’s administration and back-office functions seamlessly, offering you a comprehensive and complete solution.

Whether a private equity fund, a real estate fund, a fund of funds, or another type of investment vehicle, we have a team of administrative professionals ready to step in and facilitate the services necessary to ensure solid accounting services, investor and performance reporting, analytics, and regulatory compliance among other things.

Tailored solutions for your unique strategies

Gen II tailors all aspects of your service plan to target the results you and your investors expect for your operationally unique investment vehicle from launch through the entire lifecycle of your investment funds.

Based on your unique investment type, we provide an integrated approach with our vast array of services that represent the full spectrum of back-office processes, including:

  • A dedicated team of subject matter experts
  • Fund launch consultation and guidance
  • Complete fund accounting and administration
  • Secure and complete investor services
  • Comprehensive reporting for financials, investors, and overall performance
  • Computation of fees, profit allocations, loan amortization, and carried interest
  • Comprehensive financial, investor, and performance reporting
  • Data analytics and integration
  • Compliance services for the US Securities and Exchange
  • Commission, FATCA support, CR support, and reporting services
  • Coordination with other service providers

Minimize risk with a trusted partner

As the investment fund space becomes more crowded, finding good opportunities in alternative asset classes takes additional time and effort. Due diligence is required more than ever, but the highly competitive environment encourages quick decisions. With all this going on, how can you minimize operations risk in your investment company?

Rely on the administrative support of an experienced fund administrator with the expertise and infrastructure to quickly onboard your business and provide the transparent, valuable services that will make your individual investors more confident and allow you to focus on your investments.

Analytics designed specifically for you

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Our suite of proprietary tools and digital technologies takes your data to new heights of sophistication where you can access your information when you need it.

At the heart of Gen II’s fund administration service offering is our holistic Private Equity Exchange (“PEX”) technology platform. Designed and built in the cloud, PEX brings together top-tier commercially available applications with our own internally developed platforms and applications to provide a secure, integrated solution that allows clients and their investors high level access to their data effortlessly.

Through a direct gateway to our client portal dashboards from any device, our seamless, well-defined Application Programming Interface (API) provides connectivity and integration directly with the client’s own data repositories. Gen II ensures PEX’s flawless performance by adherence to our stated goal of staying at the technological forefront of the private equity fund administration marketplace.

To that end, our latest addition to the PEX Platform, Sensr®, will bring a robust performance and analytics tool that uses customized data sets to aggregate, sort, filter, and report fund and investor information.

Sensr® offers benchmarking, characteristic and performance attribution, on-demand LP tear sheets, point-in-time and time-series visualizations, and on-demand data exporting specifically tailored for our most discerning private equity clients. Sensr® harnesses comprehensive aggregation tools and has drill-down capabilities for agile, intuitive, and accessible information for your investors and stakeholders.

Trust that at Gen II, our suite of proprietary tools and digital technologies allows you to access your information in real-time taking your data to new heights through our blended environment of accounting and database information that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning, ultra-secure data encryption, and is ILPA, GDPR, and NIST-SEC Cybersecurity compliant.