Technology’s Impact on the Future of Private Equity Accounting, According to ChatGPT

Authored by: Kyle Derkacz, Managing Director
Updated on: October 5, 2023

We Asked

What role will technology play in private equity accounting in the next three to five years?

Open AI ChatGPT

Technology is expected to play a significant role in private equity accounting over the next three to five years. Here are some of the ways technology is expected to impact private equity accounting...

Gen II Expert Response:

Over the last decade, technology has had an immense impact on the accounting industry and is expected to continue to have a profound impact on the profession in the years to come. It has affected everything from day-to-day accounting and statement preparation by fund administrators to real-time fund performance reporting for clients and investors.

The cadence of quarterly reporting is no longer enough to satisfy the demands of LPs who desire to understand how their capital is being used in real-time. Driven by the Covid-19 pandemic, the ability to receive information through web-based platforms and presentations as opposed to in-person investor conferences and meetings has accelerated the push for private equity managers to adopt new technology. LPs want real-time insights surrounding their product offerings, data relating to their investment performance, and analytics regarding potential exit opportunities across various disposition scenarios.

Whether they conduct their fund administration in-house or utilize a third-party fund administrator, private equity managers need to continuously enhance their LPs’ experience and access to investment performance, trends, and analysis in this world of high-touch, on-demand, transparent information sharing by way of improved technology. This will allow LPs to achieve the interactive, real-time experience they desire in a convenient, flexible manner rather than the standardized, static reporting of today. In a landscape of private equity managers that continues to become increasingly populated, being able to provide an enhanced investor experience by way of best-in-class transparency, frequency, and convenience can very well be a significant driver of allocations of LP capital in the years ahead.