Global Private Equity Compliance Solutions

Outsourcing compliance allows private equity funds to focus on core functions while experts manage regulatory adherence, risk mitigation, and ethical operations, protecting against non-compliance penalties. Gen II offers specialized U.S. and European compliance support, covering everything from KYC and AML to SEC filings, helping funds maintain compliance and focus on growth and investor relationships.

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Tailored Compliance and Reporting Services

Outsource compliance to Gen II and ensure financial reporting requirements are met efficiently. Benefit from our compliance expertise, staying current with U.S. and European regulations, allowing you to focus on investment sourcing, portfolio optimization, and achieving successful exits.

Regulatory Reporting & Compliance
Includes FATCA & CRS, Form PF compliance, Annex IV reporting, and reports to regulatory bodies like the Luxembourg Central Bank and CSSF.

Investor Due Diligence
Services related to the review of investor subscription agreements, AML & KYC procedures, and maintenance of a Register of Beneficial Owners.

Risk Management & Assessment
Preparation of business risk assessments and providing MLRO/MLCO functions to mitigate and manage compliance risks.

Regulatory Liaison & Coordination
Involves communication with regulators, coordination with other service providers, and provision of designated compliance roles such as Responsable du contrôle du respect des obligations.

Effective Private Equity Risk Management

Our Compliance Services are designed to ensure that your organization is always audit-ready and that any potential shortcomings or violations are promptly resolved with confidence. We work closely with our clients to uphold the highest standards of integrity and ethics, offering comprehensive solutions and compliance training when necessary. With Gen II, you can be confident that your reputation and investor trust are always safeguarded.

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