Streamline Your Fund of Funds Operations

Gen II delivers accurate fund accounting, comprehensive compliance oversight, investor reporting accuracy, and streamlined capital calls and distributions. We bring specialized expertise and technology that can enhance operational efficiency and scalability, allowing fund managers to focus on due diligence, portfolio selection, and strategic growth. With Gen II, private fund of funds can offer their investors higher levels of service, transparency, and confidence in the fund’s management.

Headshot of Shaun Buckley

Shaun Buckley

Head of Fund of Funds Services

Fund of Funds Administration Service Expertise

At Gen II, clients gain access to a dedicated team of expert financial experts proficient in managing diverse assets within a fund of funds strategy. Gen II boosts operational efficiency, mitigates risk, and bolsters investor trust for funds of funds, enabling them to concentrate on core investments and deliver superior returns.

Underlying Funds Management

Complete accounting and administrative services for both primary and underlying funds, incorporating valuations and maintaining fund notices.

Investment Tracking & Analysis

Granular tracking of investments, including look- through holdings analysis and capturing detailed components of investment notices.

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