Specialized Private Equity Depositary Services

Depositary services are critical for regulatory compliance and operational efficiency. Gen II offers specialized services, sanctioned by the FCA and CSSF, suitable for diverse fund types including real estate, infrastructure, and debt investments. We ensure rigorous cash flow oversight and valuation accuracy, along with comprehensive due diligence and asset safekeeping, to maintain secure and precise fund administration.

Expert FCA & CSSF Authorized Depositary Services

We specialize in alternative investment funds (AIFs) across the UK and Luxembourg, serving both EU and non-EU professional investors. Our services cater to SIFs, SICARs, and AIFs with diverse asset investments, enhancing integration with existing systems to optimize returns with minimal disruption.

Gen II delivers essential depositary services for private equity funds, promoting compliance, operational efficiency, and asset protection, customized for a global clientele.

Oversight & Compliance
Includes monitoring and reviewing valuation processes, transaction settlements, subscription and redemption periods, and conducting due diligence on operational processes.

Cash Flow Monitoring
Involves overseeing fund-level cash movements and investigating significant cash flows.

Safekeeping of Assets
Entails verification, record-keeping, and ongoing monitoring of assets, ensuring their secure custody.

Risk Management
Involves continuous oversight and risk assessment based on the fund's strategy and the fund manager's organization.

Governance & Reporting
Includes regular reporting to management bodies and AIFMs, service review meetings, and ensuring adherence to internal and external audit standards.