Powerful Access to Your Fund Data

The Sensr® product suite is a fully integrated, next-generation, web-based set of solutions that allows private capital firms and their investors access to all aspects of their fund data and analytics.


Provides transparency and enables investors to track their investments, projections, and returns to streamline communications.


Provides users with on-demand access and visualization of fund data in aggregate and enables drill-down analysis for efficient performance reporting.


A no-code solution, empowering users to effortlessly integrate fund administration data with both in-house and third-party platforms.

Access and analyze your fund data in a way that’s meaningful to you

Sensr® Analytics provides capabilities for examining data in aggregate and enables detailed drill-down analysis across your funds, investments, and investors. It integrates smoothly with Excel for data analysis within a familiar interface, and with PowerPoint to incorporate fund data into presentations, aiding in the creation or improvement of pitch decks and marketing


Connects to Gen II’s technology platform or allows for “bring your own data” capability to seamlessly consolidate all your fund data into one cohesive platform.


Enables the CFO, investor relations, and senior management to deliver responses to ad hoc LP requests with push-button ease.


Turn-key solution that utilizes direct data integration, automated validations and Gen II’s Client Service team review, to ensure timely and accurate fund data.


Dynamically calculates investor and fund portfolio metrics (gross, net, levered, and unlevered) driven by industry standards. Customizable by investment and investor attributes.


Provides a user-friendly interface to aggregate, report and analyze performance data across fund families, investment vehicles, investments and investors.


Secure, cloud-based platform; 24/7/365 access, available on desktop and mobile devices.


Access to your fund data, directly within Excel

Seamless Integration

Access Sensr® fund analytics and data directly into Excel, providing on-demand performance data in your own custom templates.

Advanced Analytics

Leverage Sensr® advanced performance analytics capabilities for fund data visualization, trend analysis, and predictive modeling.

Automated Data Retrieval

Automate data retrieval from Sensr® to dynamically update spreadsheets with current information.


Visualize your fund data, directly within PowerPoint

Dynamic Integration

Access Sensr® fund data directly within PowerPoint to enhance your presentations, pitch decks, and tear sheets.

Data Visualization

Embed Sensr® charts and graphs directly within your slides for clear and consistent depictions of your fund performance data.

Automated Synchronization

Update values, charts, and graphs with Sensr® fund data, ensuring accurate and reusable presentations on-demand.


Integrate your fund data, seamlessly within your preferred platforms

Seamless Integration

Offers smooth integration of Gen II fund admin data with both in-house and third-party platforms, enhancing operational efficiency for investment managers.

Customizable Data Feeds

Features a proprietary "DIY" on-screen extract designer, allowing users to tailor data feeds to their specific needs, ensuring optimal data utilization.

Flexible Access Options

Provides versatile data access through either scheduled flat file delivery or direct API integration, catering to different preferences for real-time or batch data processing for easy data consumption

Empower your investors with on-demand access to reporting and communications

Centralized Fund Management

Provides a single, branded, white-labeled portal that allows you to manage numerous funds, investors, and contacts, centralizing documents, data, and analytics while offering tools to enhance communications and operations.

Enhanced Investor Engagement

Facilitates effective communication and document management, ensuring consistent, accessible interactions with investors through a branded platform.

Robust Security

Employs two-factor authentication, role-based permissions, and strong encryption, maintaining compliance with leading cybersecurity standards.

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