Corporate Services for Diverse Asset Classes

Gen II offers top-tier corporate services for various asset classes and strategies, enhancing control, quality, and transparency for clients and their investors. We provide tailored solutions covering the entire investment vehicle lifecycle, focusing on proactive governance, administration, financial reporting, and handling complex transactions. Our approach combines the right expertise for comprehensive deal management, ensuring integrity and compliance throughout the structure's lifespan.

Our private equity fund corporate services include:

Corporate Governance & Directorship
Managing board and shareholder meetings, document execution, client queries, and appointing skilled individuals to boards for strategic, regulatory, and stakeholder guidance.

Capital Management & Treasury
Managing the fund's cash flow, banking transactions, and financial resources to ensure effective capital allocation and liquidity management.

Transfer Agency & Restructuring
Maintaining investor records, processing subscriptions and redemptions, and managing communications and transactions with the fund's investors.

Providing a registered office, handling post mail including receiving, opening, and forwarding to appropriate parties, and maintaining corporate documents.

Leading provider of services for structures listed on major stock exchanges, including REITs, with expert legal, accounting, and secretarial support for all listing stages and ongoing requirements.

Optimizing Corporate Strategies for Your Funds

As requirements and regulations continue to increase, due diligence also becomes increasingly important. Therefore, you need a fund administrator you can trust.

Partnering with Gen II means you’re supported by an experienced fund administrator with the expertise and infrastructure to meet your investor expectations while allowing you to focus on your investments.

Purpose-Built Technology for Private Equity

Our suite of proprietary tools and digital technologies elevates your data to a new level of sophistication where you can access your information when you need it.

Our holistic technology platform lies at the heart of Gen II’s fund administration service offering. Designed and built in the cloud, this platform combines industry-leading applications with our internally developed platforms to provide clients and their investors with a secure and comprehensive solution to easily access their data.