Support for Private Credit Funds & Strategies

Gen II enhances private credit funds' operational effectiveness and adherence to regulations by providing comprehensive services such as fund accounting, investor reporting, and financial oversight. Fund managers who outsource administration to Gen II can focus on strategic growth and investor engagement, as the precision of administration and transparency of reporting help to build investor trust and improve fund marketability. With Gen II's support, investors are assured that their back-office operations are in expert hands, freeing them to grow their investments and explore innovative credit opportunities.

Michael Abatemarco

Head of Credit Services

Expertise to Enhance Your Credit Fund Efficiency

Our services are tailored to clients involved in various credit strategies, including debt origination and secondary markets. We provide support from the beginning to the full operational cycle of investment vehicles, and we specialize in managing even the most complex funds with our private credit administration expertise.

Advanced Technology Integration

Utilizes robust technology coupled with efficient operating models and expert accountants to improve timeliness and accuracy in private credit fund administration, streamlining operations and minimizing errors.

Regulatory Expertise

Offers deep regulatory knowledge to ensure compliance and transparency in the private credit sector, enhancing investor confidence through customized compliance solutions.

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