Cookie Policy

Last Updated: 16 April 2024

This Cookie Policy describes the types of cookies installed by Gen II on your browser when you interact with Gen II websites or online applications (and always based on your settings which you can customize online).  This Policy applies to all users of online applications, regardless of whether you are registered as a user or a visitor.

  1. What is a cookie or similar technology? 

A cookie is a small text file in an alphanumeric format that is placed on the user’s terminal (internet browser, computer, mobile device, etc.) by the server of the online service used (the website visited) or by a third-party provider. Such a cookie makes it possible to recognize a visitor when they return to the website, to remember the language that the user had chosen during their previous visit, or in the case of commercial services, the products they had deposited in their basket during a previous shopping session. Over the years, new technologies (also called “trackers”) have appeared to supplement or replace cookies, mainly for their purpose of tracking, profiling, and targeting. These are for example, “fingerprinting” technologies (digital imprint of the terminal), invisible pixels (“web beacons”), “shared objects” (sometimes called “Flash cookies”) or even all the identifiers generated by operating systems to identify the user. Insofar as the use of these similar technologies requires the filing or reading of information on the user’s terminal, the same regime as for “classic” cookies is applicable to them. For the purposes of this policy, the term “cookies” will be used and will encompass both “classic” cookies and similar technologies.

  1. What cookies does Gen II use and for what purpose? 

The cookies that are installed on your browser may differ depending on the use you make of our website or our online applications. To view a list of the cookies that are installed on your browser at a given point in time, please visit your browser settings. 

See cookies on

Strictly Necessary/Essential Cookies: 

Certain cookies are strictly necessary as our website will not be able to function without them. 

Performance Cookies/Analytics:

Our website uses analytics features that may set cookies with the aim of generating reports on our website visitors and how they interact with our pages (on an anonymized basis). The information collected may show where in the world the visitor traffic comes from and whether we are appealing to our intended audience, hence allowing us to improve our performance and serve you better via our website. 

Advertising Cookies: 

Some cookies are used to deliver the most relevant and targeted content to specific audiences. They are specifically designed to gather information from you on your device to display advertisements based on topics that interest you. Additionally, another purpose of these cookies is to build user profiles from visitors to the website to gather statistics on the website’s performance.

  1. Categories of Personal Data Collected 

Depending on the type of cookies that are installed, we may or may not collect information that is able to identify you as an individual (Personal Data). 

Strictly Necessary Cookies: In the context of these cookies, we do not collect any of your Personal Data.  We may collect anonymous data relating to internet usage information such as records of your use of our website, including your public IP address, details of your device, and location region. This information, however, cannot identify you as an individual. 

Performance Cookies: Performance cookies will not be installed on your browser unless you have explicitly consented to this. Such cookies will collect information on number of users visiting our website, number of sessions, duration of sessions, page views per minute, top active pages, active users, average session duration, bounce rate, new users count, number of sessions per user, page views, pages per session, new or returning visitors, demographics such as language preferences, user’s country and user’s city, browser, operating system, mobile device operating system, mobile device screen resolution, source of traffic (direct, paid search, organic search, referral or other), user retention, users by time of the day, ClientID (a unique ID that Google Analytics assigns to each device from which users engage with content),  date last seen, device category, device platforms, acquisition date, channels, related campaigns to the user, age, gender, interests (affinity category/reach, in-market segment, other categories) and social network referrals. 

To find out more about personal data collected in the context of the below third parties, please visit the following pages:

Google Analytics






Advertising Cookies: Advertising cookies will not be installed on your browser unless you have explicitly consented to this. Such cookies will collect information regarding your clickstream data (a record of the websites you have visited), search data (search terms you have used, browsing habits), profile data (information you have provided regarding your age, education, interests), on-site activity (such as pages you like, ads you click, device and location settings), demographics and interest reports, user metrics, traffic data. 

To find out more about personal data collected in the context of the below third parties, please visit the following pages:

Google Ads 




  1. Why do we need cookies?

Our website uses three categories of cookies as it appears above. Strictly necessary cookies are essential for the website to function and cannot be switched off in our systems. They are only set in response to actions made by you, for example, your privacy preferences or filling in forms.

We also use performance cookies to understand how you use the website, which pages of a website are visited most often, and what we can improve in our performance.

Finally, we use advertising cookies to run our marketing and advertising campaigns on the internet and social media.

  1. How long will cookies remain on your device?

The retention period of a cookie depends on whether it is a session or persistent cookie:

– Session cookies last only for the duration of your visit and allow us to identify that the same person is moving from page to page, without nevertheless personally identifying you. 

– Persistent cookies last beyond your session and their retention period depends on their specific functionality. Please consult the tables above to learn more about the duration of each cookie. 

  1. Do we perform any transfers to third countries of data collected via cookies? 

Our website is hosted in the USA and administered by our Marketing and Communications team as well as an external provider in the USA, as detailed in Section 7 here below. This means that for you to be able to use the website, information collected via strictly necessary/essential cookies will be transferred to the USA, however, such information is not able to personally identify you.  

Information collected via performance or advertising cookies may be shared with the third party installing the related cookie (as detailed in the tables above) and such sharing may entail an international data transfer to a country outside of the European Economic Area, potentially not providing an adequate level of personal data protection. In this regard, we may only share and transfer your Personal Data to the extent you have provided your active consent to the different categories detailed on our cookie banner (content personalization, site optimization, ad personalization).   

For more information relating to the safeguard mechanisms provided by Google when transferring your Personal Data outside of the European Economic Area, please visit the following link: 

  1. Who has access to the data collected?

For the purposes of Personal Data collected on our website through the use of cookies, we act as a data controller (i.e., the organization which determines why and how to process personally identifiable information). Regarding processing of the data, our marketing agency, Neubrand, has access to the data collected for the purpose of technical website administration and acts as a data processor (i.e., the organization that processes information solely on the instruction of the data controller). We have entered confidentiality and data processing agreements with our partner to ensure that they comply with high levels of data protection and security standards; we regularly review these standards and practices to make sure that we are at all times compliant with our regulatory or other obligations. 

The data collected by third parties such as Google, Vimeo, DoubleClick, Hotjar, LinkedIn, and Hubspot as mentioned here above, may contain personal data to the extent you have consented to such sharing. -In this case, the relevant third party may act as an independent data controller. Please visit the pages linked to learn more about those data controllers and how they process your data. 





  1. Special notice to California residents

This Section 8 of the cookie policy supplements the information provided herein and applies solely to visitors, users, and other individuals who reside in the U.S. State of California. Gen II does not sell your personally identifiable information collected via cookies as detailed above. It is possible that we share such information with the third parties detailed in this cookie notice, however, this will only take place upon your explicit consent via the settings of the cookie banner. If you wish to opt out of any kind of sharing of your personally identifiable information, you may at all times click on the “Do not sell” button on our cookie banner and save your preferences.  

  1. How can you control cookies?

You can control and manage cookies in different ways. Where cookies are not strictly necessary for our website to function, we will seek your consent when you first visit the website. Consent can be provided or withdrawn at any time by clicking on the icon available at the bottom of this page. You may also change your browser settings to manage your cookies. Most web browsers provide a way to find out which cookies are used by a website from its developer tools. For example, if you use Google Chrome, right-click on the site and view the browser’s developer console. From the developer console, on the application tab, expand the cookies view where you can find the cookies that are installed by the website. In Safari it is enabled under the Preferences > Advanced panel. In Firefox — Tools > Browser Tools > Developer Tools.

Detailed information on how to do that can be found under

Your approval or rejection of cookies on our website only relates to this website and is governed by this Cookie Policy as well as our Privacy Policy. For information on cookies used by other websites, which may be hyperlinked to our website, please refer to the relevant privacy or cookie notices therein.  

Kindly note that removing or disabling cookies may have an impact on your user experience and parts of this website may no longer be fully functional. 

  1. Your rights and how to exercise them 

This Cookie Policy is meant to be read together with our Privacy Policy which is always available on our website. Please refer to our Privacy Policy to see what your rights relating to the protection of your personal data are and how you can exercise them. 

  1. Changes to this Cookie Policy

We may modify or amend this Cookie Policy from time to time at our discretion. When we make changes to this notice, we will amend the revision date at the top of this page, and such modified or amended Cookie Policy shall be effective as of that revision date. We encourage you to periodically review this Cookie Policy to have the latest information about the cookies we use. You also have the possibility to update your cookie preferences at any time directly on our website.