Our Luxembourg team, fluent in multiple languages, delivers diverse administration, accounting, and reporting services, focusing on Alternative Investment Funds, Responsible Investing, and UCITS. We offer full Management Company services for AIFMs, including governance, risk management, and oversight, coordinating with our London specialists to provide comprehensive client service. Luxembourg serves as a strategic European hub, merging financial expertise with cross-border investment prospects and a multilingual talent pool.

Industry Associations & Bodies

We actively contribute to the establishment and growth of industry associations in Luxembourg, engaging in key discussions and events as proud members of various sector organizations.

  • ALFI (Association of the Luxembourg Fund Industry)
  • ILA (Luxembourg Institute of Directors)
  • LuxReal (Real Estate Association of Luxembourg)
  • LPEA (Luxembourg Private Equity and Venture Capital Association)
  • ALRiM (Luxembourg Association of Risk Management)
  • ALCO (Luxembourg Association of Compliance Professionals)

Richard Browne

Head of Client Service, Luxembourg

  • Howald, Luxembourg
    22 Rue des Bruyéres
    Howald, Luxembourg L-1274
    +352 20 28 12 1
  • Kirchberg, Luxembourg
    33, Avenue J.F. Kennedy
    Kirchberg, Luxembourg 1855
    +352 2621 5400

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