Ben Mazza

Head of Digital Solutions

 New York, NY

Ben has over 27 years of experience in the technology industry, working across multiple departments including sales, operations, marketing, strategy, pricing, product management, and long-term planning. In his previous role, Ben spent more than eight years at InvestorFlow LLC as Chief Operating Officer and then VP of Sales - helping the firm transition from a traditional software company with perpetual licenses and selling upgrades to a SaaS model.

Prior to InvestorFlow, Ben was COO at Investment Café, where he was the first full-time employee tasked with launching the platform into the alternative asset market, and then later scaling the business from a start-up to a global enterprise with offices around the world and a solution that supports thousands of funds. Ben spent over 12 years at Investment Café and successfully managed the firm during its sale and integration with eFront in 2012. Ben's 23 years in alternative assets encompass areas including investor portals, portfolio management, CRM, fundraising, LP communications, and investor relations