Michelle Wighard

Enterprise Relationship Manager

 New York, NY

Joining Gen II in 2023, Michelle brings to the firm twenty years of accountancy and relationship management experience in the private equity and hedge verticals.

Prior to joining Gen II, Michelle was a managing director with State Street, where she led several different teams and oversaw funds through varying stages of their lifecycle – from startup to onboarding and through liquidation. Michelle is well-versed in triaging complex issues and developing effective solutions with internal and external teams, bringing expedient resolutions to the satisfaction of her clients. As part of Gen II’s Enterprise Relationship Team, Michelle will bring these skills to bear on Gen II’s processes and work across the firm to elevate the experience of clients.

Michelle’s early appointments with Bessemer Trust Company, Deloitte & Touche, and LazardFrerés shaped her initial experience in private equity. Michelle holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Public Accounting from Pace University, with over 120 hours of continuing, professional education in technical accounting and finance.