Location: Boston

Katerina Loridas

Katerina has over 14 years of experience in the funds industry, with a focus on private equity for the past 7 years.  She is an expert in fund of funds and has extensive knowledge of investment management, US GAAP, and investment companies with Regulation S-X requirements.

Before joining Gen II, Katerina worked as an asset management audit director at PWC. She led an audit team in reviewing the accounting records and financial statements of mutual funds, hedge funds, venture capital funds, and private equity funds.

Katerina is CPA licensed in Massachusetts and a member of MSCPA and the AICPA. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting and a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, both from Boston University

Shaun Buckley

Coming to Gen II in 2017, Shaun has more than twenty-three years of experience in financial services, including fourteen years in private equity administration. Shaun joined Gen II with the launch of Gen II’s Boston location and has oversight of the office’s client service team. Shaun possesses extensive knowledge of private equity fund administration and reporting, with a focus on servicing the firm’s fund of fund clients.

Prior to joining Gen II, Shaun was vice president for the Private Equity Fund Services team within the Alternative Investment Solutions Division at State Street. Shaun was responsible for the daily operations of more than 300 funds that held approximately $37 billion in commitments. Shaun also has experience working on regulatory compliance initiatives, specifically the implementation of AML/KYC standards across various entity types in multiple jurisdictions. Shaun received his bachelor’s degree from Providence College.

Doug Horton

Joining Gen II in early 2019, Doug leads a client service team from Gen II’s Boston location. Doug has extensive knowledge of private equity fund administration and reporting, with a particular focus on services for Gen II’s fund of fund clients. He brings more than twenty years of experience in financial services within the private equity administration industry.

Prior to Gen II, Doug was vice president in the Alternative Investment Solutions division at State Street and the former Investor’s Bank and Trust, where he was responsible for overseeing services for high-profile fund of fund clients, as well as working with financial reporting teams and servicing hedge and other asset classes. Doug holds a Bachelor of Science degree in business economics from Providence College and a Master of Science in accounting from Suffolk University.

Corey Zahner

Corey came to Gen II in 2017 and currently oversees a client service team for the firm’s Boston office. Corey possesses more than nineteen years of experience in private equity administration, with a particular focus on fund of funds, secondary funds, ESG reporting, GP stakes, and direct funds. Corey also works with Gen II’s Luxembourg office on various initiatives.

Prior to Gen II, Corey developed his expertise at State Street, where he had oversight for aclient service team. Corey has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Babson College.