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Effective treasury management is essential to maintain financial stability, optimize cash resources, manage financial risks, and make informed financial decisions to support growth and profitability.  When a fund’s treasury operations lack centralization it leads to inefficiencies, increased risks, and limited visibility into the fund’s overall cash position. Furthermore, manual processes for cash forecasting, bank reconciliations, and payments are time-consuming and prone to errors. Gen II recognized the need for a comprehensive treasury management solution to optimize its treasury operations, mitigate risks, and enhance financial decision-making.

Treasury management software enhances the efficiency, accuracy, and security of financial operations for private equity firms, enabling them to make better-informed decisions and manage risk effectively in a competitive financial landscape.

Hazeltree software provides innovative cloud-based treasury solutions to investment management firms, delivering enhanced transparency, liquidity, improved performance, and risk mitigation.

  • Increased Controls & Security – Standardized treasury processes utilizing a centralized platform with workflows, segregation of duties, access control, and audit logs. Hazeltree will securely store all settlement instructions for all payees.
  • Cloud Based Computing – allows you access to transactions anywhere at any time to approve or view the most up-to-date information related to your pending or completed transactions. This allows for quicker release of transactions and reduces time to research transactions.
  • Electronic communication with banking partners – utilizing the SWIFT messaging network, Gen II will be able to electronically communicate with participating financial institutions for streamlined money movement, eliminating the need for you to log into banking platforms to initiate, release, or view transactions.
  • Streamlined Reconciliation – utilizing Hazeltree’s cash reconciliation module, Gen II will be able to efficiently reconcile bank-to-book transactions, alerting you to irregularities in a timely fashion.
  • Consolidation of Operations – Gen II has formed a Treasury Operations team to centrally manage all funds transfers on one team. The team will serve as a single point of entry for all payment execution as well as updating and maintaining standing settlement instructions, further securing the money movement process. We expect this centralization of functions will allow the accounting teams to focus on more core responsibilities for our clients.

For more information about Gen II’s implementation of HazelTree, please contact your Gen II Client Service Fund Manager or Matthew Cammer at

2023 Private Equity Tax Calendar

While April 15th may be the most notable, there are plenty of other tax deadlines you don’t want to miss.

Unlike others, Gen II Tax Services is a full-year tax partnership rather than a short-term relationship focused only on your tax filings. Our Tax teams continuously maintain and monitor your data throughout the entire year, providing early insights that allow you to make proactive decisions regarding your tax filings.

Gen II Tax Services is a full-service tax offering focused solely on private equity funds and their partners’ unique needs. Our comprehensive, practical approach focuses on partnering with clients to assist with planning and compliance requirements for the combined benefit of all stakeholders. With our deep private equity expertise, knowledge of our clients’ unique fund structure, and the maintenance of their fund data, Gen II is uniquely positioned to deliver both tax and fund accounting needs.

If you have any questions or need assistance preparing your tax return, contact us at

What You Need to Know About the New Form PF

Private fund advisers will be aware of the recent surge in regulatory scrutiny and consider the significant impact and challenges that come with the new Form PF amendments.

In 2023, amendments to Form PF were implemented to provide the SEC with a more thorough understanding of the hazards presented by private funds and to better enable them to recognize and respond to potential systemic risks.

The amendments mandate large hedge fund advisers and all private equity fund advisers to file current reports upon the occurrence of specific reporting events that could signify significant stress at a fund or harm to investors. Large hedge fund advisers must report these events within 72 hours, while private equity fund advisers must report every quarter within 60 days of the quarter’s end.

Large private equity fund advisers must fulfill additional requirements, such as submitting annual reports on general partner and limited partner clawbacks, as well as provide more data on their strategies and borrowings. These amendments are set to become effective six months and one year after publication in the Federal Register for current and remaining amendments, respectively.

Ensure your Form PF is filed accurately with Gen II
Not only does Form PF involve adhering to strict filing deadlines, but it also requires an understanding of complex calculation methodologies and deep knowledge of the fund’s activities. Therefore, many firms choose to outsource this task to specialized fund administrators who have the necessary expertise and systems to complete these filings accurately and on time.

Gen II Fund Services has a robust and scalable regulatory reporting solution that helps our clients with complex reporting needs.

  • Gen II Regulatory Reporting Platform is a centralized regulatory reporting tool for multiple filing requirements across various jurisdictions.
  • Our Reporting Platform is built on modern architecture for scalability, data integrity, security, and compliance.
  • With the industry’s most comprehensive unified data model, our Reporting Platform ingests one data set to feed and populate multiple forms, including Form PF.

This year, Gen II introduced Online Self-Service Regulatory Reporting capabilities, allowing our clients to review data using our exception base engine, approve their reporting, and file directly with FINRA. This eliminates the paper-based process and significantly reduces the cycle times and risk.

Gen II Compliance Services for Form PF

Form PF filing for all entities in scope, even those not administered by Gen II

Integrated solution for data identification, aggregation, calculation, verification, and storage

Access to a complete audit trail, storage, and reconciliation of Form PF data

Form PF filing is completed directly on the FINRA site, where clients can review and submit

The SEC’s response to the amendment of the Marketing Compliance Rule has reiterated that in any instance where Gross Performance is reported, including any case studies on a single investment, Net Performance must also be reported.

This recent, increased focus on transparency and the accuracy of promotional materials means that private equity firms must be more meticulous in their calculation and presentation of IRRs. They are obligated to provide all necessary disclosures for clients to understand how the figures have been calculated, including the key assumptions involved.

The Sensr® IRR calculation tool is essential for GPs to meet the demanding reporting requirements of the SEC and their LPs. By automating the process, Sensr® ensures accuracy, speed, flexibility, and informed decision-making.

With the capacity to quickly calculate Gross and Net IRR, your team can explore multiple scenarios and assumptions, while saving valuable time and energy. Sensr® empowers your team to make well-informed and precise decisions that lead to better investment results.

Sensr® IRR Calculator Capabilities

Transparent & Accurate IRR Calculations

Allows for the transparent calculation of IRR, with detailed disclosure of the underlying cash flows and key assumptions. This can help maintain compliance with the SEC's new rules around the presentation of IRRs.

Standardized Methodology

Uses a standardized methodology for calculating IRR, ensuring that IRR calculations across different investments are consistent and can be compared on an equal footing. This helps satisfy the SEC's requirements for consistency in IRR calculations.

Real-Time Access & Visibility

Provides GPs and LPs with real-time access to fund performance data, which can enhance transparency and investor relations. It also gives GPs a better ability to manage their portfolios, and it provides LPs with greater insight into their investments.

Advanced Analytics & Reporting

Provides advanced analytics capabilities, including portfolio analysis, attribution analysis, and scenario analysis. This can help GPs make better investment decisions and help LPs understand the potential impact of different scenarios on their investments.

Compliance & Governance

Aid in compliance management and governance by helping funds maintain and demonstrate compliance with the SEC's new Marketing Compliance Rule.

New group expands the firm’s offerings in digital, tax, and management company services

NEW YORK, NY, September 12, 2023 — Gen II Fund Services, LLC (“Gen II”), a leading independent private capital fund administrator, today announced the creation of its Strategic & Digital Solutions Group (the “Group”) and the appointment of Robert Caporale as Group President, effective immediately. The establishment of the Group exemplifies Gen II’s commitment to serving as a true value-added partner to its private fund sponsor clients. The Group’s offerings include Comprehensive Private Equity Fund Tax Services, Management Company Services and Digital Solutions such as Sensr®, its performance and fund analytics solution, the Gen II LP Portal and Update Capital, Gen II’s cloud-based real estate investment management platform.

“As a recognized leader in our industry, we’re excited to announce the formation of our Strategic & Digital Solutions Group,” said Steven Millner, CEO of Gen II. “We continue to make significant investments in expanding our capabilities to complement our fund administration services. Since our founding in 2009, we have been committed to providing expertise and personalized service in all aspects of private equity fund administration. Our focus has always been on enabling fund managers to focus on their core fund raising and investing while providing them with tools and solutions to optimize their operations.”

Mr. Caporale assumes this role after serving as Gen II Head of Corporate Development for the past three years.

“I am thrilled to lead our Strategic & Digital Solutions Group and look forward to further transforming and expanding our range of solutions. Our Group was created specifically to unify these strategic solutions and accelerate the digitization of the private equity ecosystem. Our objective is to put more data, analytics and technology solutions in the hands of fund managers while enabling them to provide a world class investor experience,” said Mr. Caporale.

About Gen II

Gen II is a leading fund administration provider focused entirely on serving private capital asset managers and investors. Since its inception in 2009, the company has become one of the largest independent private capital fund administrators, with more than $1 trillion of private fund capital under administration. Gen II offers private fund sponsors a best-in-class combination of people, process, and technology, enabling GPs to manage their operational infrastructure, financial reporting, and investor communications most effectively. For more information, please visit


Dan Abramson
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Whether an emerging manager or an established firm, the idea of switching to a new fund administrator can be daunting. Fears that changing your service provider will consume valuable time and resources or result in costly or disruptive mistakes often distract from the long-term benefits.

However, the need for a new fund administrator often indicates that your business is growing and evolving so making the switch will ultimately benefit your firm.

Choosing the right third-party administrator is vital for your business’s performance as well as reputation. Your fund administrator manages financial reporting, investor statements, and serves as a strategic partner for long-term growth. Further, they coordinate services from other providers such as lawyers, banks, and auditors to ensure compliance with deadlines and optimize operational efficiency.

What To Consider When Choosing Your Fund Administrator

Expertise & Experience Assess your fund administrator’s expertise and experience in serving clients with
similar fund structures and investment strategies, such as private equity. An experienced administrator understands the complexities of your fund, ensuring accurate accounting, investor reporting, and compliance.

According to our Fund Administration Technology survey report…
96% of LPs say that funds have gotten more complex in the last five years

Scalable Solutions Look for a fund administrator that can tailor services to meet your fund’s unique
needs. To avoid disruptions during periods of growth, ensure that your administrator can adapt to increased complexity and accommodate growing AUM.

According to our Fund Administration Technology survey report…
22% of LPs say they are somewhat/very dissatisfied with their fund administration

Service Quality Consider your administrator’s approach to investor relations and servicing. Timely and transparent reporting is essential for maintaining investor confidence. A reliable administrator helps navigate the evolving regulatory landscape and prepares accurate filings to avoid costly penalties and maintain investor trust while reducing the burden on your team.

According to our Fund Administration Technology survey report…
43% of institutional investors strongly agree that near real-time reporting will be needed in the next five years

Technology & Infrastructure Evaluate the fund administrator’s technology platform and infrastructure.
Advanced technology enables efficient data management, reporting automation, and secure data access, improving operational efficiency and minimizing errors.

According to our Fund Administration Technology survey report…
48% of large institutional LPs are a lot more likely to invest with a fund sponsor who uses automation in fund administration

Fee Structure A transparent fee structure is vital for managing costs effectively. With a fund
administrator that provides tailored solutions, you should have a clear understanding of the fees and expenses of the services to satisfy your needs.

Advanced technology makes for a smooth transition

While considering changing fund administrators, a range of concerns may arise, such as data security, integrity, and continuity. However, with the help of advanced technology and streamlined processes, switching fund administrators can be a seamless and hassle-free experience.

Partnering with a service provider that utilizes automation and straight-through processes ensures historical fund data, financial records, investor information, and performance data are accurately transferred without disruptions or discrepancies. This reduces manual intervention and human errors while enabling your team to track and verify data accuracy during the transition.

Hesitation results in inefficiency and diminished investor confidence

If you’re considering a new fund administrator, don’t let the idea of a difficult transition stop you. Delaying the switch to a new service provider may result in prolonged inefficiency and loss of investor confidence. As long as you choose a provider with modern, scalable technology and an experienced team, switching service providers can be a smooth and straightforward process.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has adopted new rules and amendments (“Private Fund Adviser Rules” or “Rules”) under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 (“Advisers Act”), affecting private funds and their advisers. The Rules aim to improve transparency and comparability, whilst also restricting or prohibiting certain activities deemed detrimental to investors and the public interest. The Rules will require many advisers to reevaluate their practices and significantly modify or enhance their operational procedures and disclosures, as well as address practices allowing preferential treatment that are deemed contrary to investors’ interests. The Rules impose additional responsibilities and limitations, thereby increasing the administrative burden and costs for both registered and exempt private fund advisers.  The Rules are categorized as follows:

  1. Quarterly Statement Rule
  2. Private Fund Audit Rule
  3. Adviser-Led Secondaries Rule
  4. Restricted Activities Rule
  5. Preferential Treatment Rule
  6. The Compliance Rule

The Quarterly Statement Rule, the Private Fund Audit Rule, and the Adviser-Led Secondaries Rule are applicable to Registered Private Fund Advisers.  The Restricted Activities Rule and the Preferential Treatment Rule are applicable to all Private Fund Advisers.  The Compliance Rule Amendments are applicable to all Registered Advisers. Additionally, the Rules introduced amendments to the recordkeeping requirements for Registered Private Fund Advisers in respect of the above.

The Rules will be effective 60 days after their publication in the Federal Register. There is a 12-month transition phase for advisers with private fund assets under management (“AUM”) of $1.5 billion or more and 18 months for advisers with private fund AUM below $1.5 billion, which does not apply to the Quarterly Statement Rule and the Private Fund Audit Rule as they will have an 18-month transition period irrespective of their AUM.

The Rules represent a pivotal shift in the private fund industry. To adapt to these changes and build investor confidence, it is crucial for private fund advisers to proactively address compliance. It is advisable to engage experts, including accountants, legal professionals, and third-party administrators, and monitor updates to facilitate the adoption of these new Rules.

If you have questions, contact your Gen II Client Service Manager or

Below is a summary of the new Private Fund Adviser Rules and recommended courses of action. For full details, see the SEC’s Fact Sheet, Final Rule, and Press Release.

The SEC’s New Private Fund Adviser Rule Amendments

Quarterly Statement Rule

  • Applicable to RIAs Only
  • 18-Month Transition Period


Quarterly statements are to be distributed to private fund investors containing detailed information on:

  • Fund fees and expenses;
  • Compensation paid to the RIA and its affiliates by the fund and the portfolio investments, and any related fee offsets; and
  • Standardized fund performance information (including year-to-date, annual, and since-inception returns up to ten years for liquid funds i.e., funds permitting investor redemptions. Illiquid funds to report performance with and without the impact of fund-level subscription facilities).

Statements must be delivered within 45 days (Q1-Q3) or 90 days (Q4) of quarter-end. For fund-of-funds, the deadlines are 75 days and 120 days, respectively.


Perform a gap analysis with respect to the performance calculation and disclosure requirements of the Rules.

Private Fund Audit Rule

  • Applicable to RIAs Only
  • 18-Month Transition Period


Each fund must be subject to an annual financial statement audit in compliance with the audit exception in Rule 206(4)-2 of the Advisers Act.  Audited financial statements must be provided to investors within 120 days of the fund’s year-end (180 days for fund-of-funds).  These financial statements must be prepared under US GAAP and audited by a PCAOB-registered and -inspected firm.


Coordinate with your auditors and Gen II to ensure that the Rule requirements are met. If your fund was not previously audited, the initial audit will require greater effort since the auditor will need to gain comfort on the beginning-of-the-year balances.

Adviser-led Secondaries Rule

  • Applicable to RIAs Only
  • 12-Month Transition Period for Large Advisers (> =$1.5B AUM)
  • 18-Month Transition Period for Small Advisers (< $1.5B AUM)


Funds undertaking an adviser-led secondaries transaction are required to (i) obtain a fairness opinion or a valuation opinion and (ii) disclose any material business relationships between the adviser and the opinion provider during the previous two years.


Prior to undertaking a secondaries transaction, identify a third-party service provider meeting the Rule requirements to provide the fairness or valuation opinion.

Restricted Activities Rule

  • Applicable to All Private Fund Advisers
  • 12-Month Transition Period for Large Advisers (> =$1.5B AUM)
  • 18-Month Transition Period for Small Advisers (< 1.5B AUM)


Restricts private fund advisers from undertaking certain activities unless they are disclosed, either before or after the event as prescribed and, where required, investor consent is obtained.  “Consent” is defined as the approval by a majority in the interest of investors unaffiliated with the adviser. Limited Partner Advisory Committee approval is not sufficient.

Permitted Activities with Disclosure:

  • Charging or allocating to the fund the adviser’s regulatory or compliance fees/expenses (Disclose within 45 days of the fiscal quarter end).
  • Reduction of the GP’s clawback for taxes (Disclose pre-tax and post-tax clawback amounts within 45 days of the fiscal quarter end).
  • Non-pro rata allocations across different funds of investment-related expenses pertaining to the same investment (Disclose before the fact, with an explanation as to why the allocation is equitable).

Permitted Activities with Disclosure and Consent:

  • Charging or allocating to the fund fees/expenses relating to government or regulatory investigations of the adviser. Irrespective of disclosure or consent, such charge or allocation is prohibited if the adviser is sanctioned for violations of the Advisers Act or the Rules thereunder (“sanctioned matters”).
  • Adviser borrowing from a fund.

“Legacy Status” applies to all existing agreements in place as of the Compliance Date other than those pertaining to “sanctioned matters”, which are not grandfathered.


Review governing document provisions for prohibited activities and amend as appropriate.

Review and address the allocation and disclosures of adviser-related regulatory or compliance fees and expenses, and the requirement for obtaining and recording investor’s consent, where applicable.

Review and address the methodology and disclosures related to the non-pro-rata allocation of fees and expenses associated with portfolio investments. Review and address GP clawback pre- and post-tax disclosures.

Preferential Treatment Rule

  • Applicable to All Private Fund Advisers
  • 12-Month Transition Period for Large Advisers (> =$1.5B AUM)
  • 18-Month Transition Period for Small Advisers (< 1.5B AUM)


Prohibits the provision of preferential redemption terms or additional information on holdings and exposures to certain investors unless: (i) those terms or information rights are offered to all the fund’s investors (including investors in funds with similar portfolios) or (ii) preferential redemption rights are required by law. Other preferential terms must be disclosed to current and prospective investors.  “Legacy Status” applies to all existing “legacy” preferential redemption and information rights agreements in place as of the Compliance Date.  Legacy preferential redemption or information rights are not required to be offered to other investors. However, legacy status does not negate the requirement to notify all investors of other legacy preferential material economic terms.


Review all existing side letters and investor agreements for preferential and unique terms. Develop disclosures to address the Rules for any side letters and agreements entered into after the effective Compliance Date.

Compliance Rule Amendments

  • Applicable to RIAs Only
  • 60-Day Transition Period


Amends the existing Compliance Rule to require all RIAs, including those that do not advise private funds, to document in writing the required annual review of their compliance policies and procedures.


Review procedures to verify that the annual compliance review is performed and documented in accordance with the Rules.

Seasoned finance executive brings significant
international experience driving growth and developing solutions

NEW YORK, JULY 31, 2023 — Gen II Fund Services, LLC (“Gen II”), a leading independent private capital fund administrator, today announced Marlene Pelage has joined the firm as Chief Financial Officer, effective July 31.

Ms. Pelage is a highly accomplished finance executive with over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry. She brings deep international expertise and a proven ability to drive performance and growth.

Ms. Pelage joins Gen II from IPG Mediabrands where, as Global CFO, she managed a multi-billion dollar media/advertising agency budget with a footprint across 130 countries. Previously, Ms. Pelage held several leadership roles at Charles Schwab, including Chief Financial Officer of Charles Schwab Bank, where she managed billions in bank assets and played a key role in the development of growth strategies and client solutions. Prior to joining Charles Schwab, Ms. Pelage spent over a decade at Crédit Agricole Bank, where she held positions in several international locations. She currently serves on the President’s Leadership Council at The Asia Foundation, which promotes access to education and financial independence for women across Southeast Asian countries. In January 2023, she also became Board Director of NetScout Systems Inc (NTCT), a NASDAQ-listed company that provides service assurance and cybersecurity solutions.  Ms. Pelage holds a Master in Management from ESCP Business School and an MBA from Drexel University.

“Marlene is an extraordinary executive with a strong track record of achieving results at leading international firms,” said Steven Millner, CEO of Gen II. “We are thrilled to welcome Marlene and are confident her contributions will help accelerate our innovation and value creation as we continue to execute on our growth strategy.”

“I am delighted to join Gen II, a high-growth, industry leader with an exceptionally strong team,” said Ms. Pelage. “As a leading fund administrator, Gen II is well-positioned for continued growth, and I look forward to helping drive additional value for our clients and the firm.”

About Gen II

Gen II is a leading fund administration provider focused entirely on serving private capital asset managers and investors. Since its inception in 2009, the company has become one of the largest independent private capital fund administrators, with more than $1 trillion of private fund capital under administration. Gen II offers private fund sponsors a best-in-class combination of people, process, and technology, enabling GPs to manage their operational infrastructure, financial reporting, and investor communications most effectively. For more information, please visit


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Denver, Colorado, July 18, 2023 — Gen II Fund Services, LLC (“Gen II”), a leading independent private capital fund administrator, today celebrated the ribbon cutting at its new Denver office. Gen II plans to significantly build out its workforce in the Denver area to better serve its significant client base and expects professionals to be attracted to its hybrid work model and a culture focused on fostering career growth.

Located at Belleview Station in the Denver Tech Center, the new class A office space totals nearly 73,000 square feet, greatly expanding the firm’s Denver footprint. The office offers a modern, expansive workspace for Gen II’s growing staff. The office is conveniently located adjacent to a RTD light rail station and is surrounded by a dynamic and developing neighborhood with easy access to dining and shopping. In addition to Denver, Gen II has offices in New York, Boston, Dallas, Luxembourg, San Francisco, Stamford, and Vancouver.

Further enhancing Gen II’s culture of fostering career growth and building trust, collaboration and community among employees, the Denver office will be the site of Gen II’s Global Training Center of Excellence, a learning and training center that will host professional skills building bootcamps, and career development and mentoring events. 

“We are very pleased to expand our presence in Denver with a premier facility that will serve as our Western U.S. hub,” said Steven Millner, CEO of Gen II. “Our significantly increased office footprint exemplifies our continued investment in Gen II and will enable us to more effectively deliver our best-in-class service to our clients located throughout the West.” 

“Our people are our most important asset, and this new office provides our growing staff with a state-of-the-art work environment in a thriving and easily accessible location,” said Nikolaos Perros, Chief Operating Officer of Gen II. “We look forward to growing our Denver team as we continue to invest in our people, processes and technology.”


About Gen II

Gen II is a leading fund administration provider focused entirely on serving private capital asset managers and investors. Since its inception in 2009, the company has become one of the largest independent private capital fund administrators, with more than $1 trillion of private fund capital under administration. Gen II offers private fund sponsors a best-in-class combination of people, process, and technology, enabling GPs to manage their operational infrastructure, financial reporting, and investor communications most effectively. For more information, please visit



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Acquisition Will Expand Gen II’s Private Capital Servicing Capabilities in Key European Jurisdictions and Increase Assets Under Administration to More Than $1 Trillion

NEW YORK, NEW YORK AND ST. HELIER, JERSEY, July 12, 2023 — Gen II Fund Services, LLC (“Gen II”), a leading independent private capital fund administrator, today announced it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Crestbridge, a preeminent European provider of private capital fund administration solutions. The transaction is expected to close in due course following customary regulatory approvals. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

With the addition of Crestbridge’s Private Equity and Real Estate Fund Administration business, Gen II continues to execute on its growth strategy, by expanding its global service and product capabilities, increasing assets under administration to more than $1 trillion, and continuing to invest in all aspects of its business. The combination further establishes Gen II as one of the world’s largest independent private capital fund administrators, expanding the firm’s jurisdictional reach to include the UK, Jersey, Ireland and other international markets. The combination will create a roster of more than 1500 professionals, representing one of the industry’s largest and most experienced fund administration teams.

Founded in 1998, Crestbridge provides a broad range of outsourced administration, accounting, corporate governance and compliance services to many of the world’s leading fund sponsors. The firm has specialized private markets expertise, including private equity, real estate, private credit, infrastructure, and venture capital.

“The Crestbridge team shares our commitment to strategic growth and personalized client service. We’re excited to join forces to provide clients with seamless, superior service across North America and Europe,” said Steven Millner, CEO of Gen II. “Like Gen II, Crestbridge is known for its client-first approach and commitment to investing in the best people and technology.”

“Our extensive European footprint, deep sector experience and shared values make Crestbridge a perfect fit with Gen II,” said Dean Hodcroft, CEO of Crestbridge. “Together we can leverage our highly complementary geographical locations and the best of our private markets offerings, including Crestbridge’s highly respected real estate and private equity capabilities. We look forward to empowering our combined teams to support international private fund managers through all stages of the fund lifecycle.”

About Gen II

Gen II is a leading fund administration provider focused entirely on serving private capital asset managers and investors. Since its inception in 2009, the company has become one of the largest independent private capital fund administrators, with more than $1 trillion of private fund capital under administration. Gen II offers private fund sponsors a best-in-class combination of people, process, and technology, enabling GPs to manage their operational infrastructure, financial reporting, and investor communications most effectively. For more information, please visit

About Crestbridge

Crestbridge is a leading global administration, management & corporate governance solutions business providing a broad range of outsourced services globally, including accounting and compliance. Our expertise spans services, asset classes and jurisdictions. Since 1998, we have been putting our insight and experience to work for clients who include leading corporations, sovereign wealth funds, investor groups, and asset managers. For more information, please visit

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