Shouldn’t your back-office be as high performing as your deal team?

Updated on: July 17, 2023

Why Your Fund Administrators Need to Be as High Performing as Your Deal Teams 

A complex competitive climate requires private equity funds to demand the most from fund administration service partners.

Private equity firms place enormous emphasis on assembling the best dealmakers. The deal team is key to spotting and analyzing opportunities quickly. But to compete nowadays, the general partners (GPs) must demand the same high standards of performance throughout the firm, including (and especially) in fund administration; i.e., the back office. 

A high-performing private equity fund administrator can help quickly navigate steadily rising stakeholder expectations and stay ahead of ever-increasing operational complexities as well as the labyrinth of regulatory requirements. 

Ask about these three fund administration focus areas

Private equity firms seeking to outsource their fund administration should focus on three key areas before selecting a third-party administrator.

  • Innovative technology: Has the administrator built an innovative technology platform? Today’s investors have come to expect receiving granular information in near real time about prospective deals. Can the prospective administrator’s platform handle this as well as address the specific needs of fund managers? 
  • Specialized expertise: The accelerating rate of technology evolution means that a GP’s legacy resources, and technology may need specialized expertise to help them keep pace with the competition. 
  • Stable operational foundation: Funds shouldn’t have to worry about back-office staffing, training or turnover when they expand into new geographies or employ new strategies. 

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Published on: March 2, 2022

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