Private Funds CFO: Management Company Report 2022

Updated on: July 17, 2023

At a time of great change, turning to a fund administration specialist makes sense

The rapid pace of technological innovation and recent dramatic shifts to business have forced private equity firms to rethink their operations. Funds face greater scrutiny as costs and complexity continue to rise.

When it comes to administration of the management company, the status quo simply won’t cut it anymore.

To help general partners navigate the changing landscape, The Management Company Report was undertaken to provide case studies, analysis, and other critical information.

Included in the report, published by Private Funds CFO in partnership with Gen II, is a breakdown of some of today’s misconceptions about overseeing the management company in-house. A survey shows the importance of benchmarking expense categories. The results can help management companies re-evaluate their strategic thinking during heightened regulatory scrutiny.

Fund administrators can offer critical expertise

Also included is analysis regarding:

  • How the administration of the management company has grown in volume and complexity
  • The many benefits of having highly skilled fund administrators, especially valuable when it comes time to deal with regulators
  • How the right third-party administrator can produce cost savings, greater efficiencies and generally remove headaches for GPs. At the same time, they can also hand them more control over the administrative process
  • The importance of effective collaboration and continuity between fund administrators and those overseeing the management company

Learn more about the importance of finding a good fund administrator in our comprehensive publication: Management Company Report.

Published on: June 30, 2022

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