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Authored by: Kevin Zeman, Principal, Tax
Updated on: January 30, 2024

Gen II’s dedicated Tax Team excels at partnering with client teams to find pragmatic solutions to tax reporting and operational challenges. Our comprehensive, practical approach focuses on partnering with you to assist with planning and compliance requirements for the combined benefit of all stakeholders. With our deep private equity expertise, knowledge of your unique fund structure, and the maintenance of your fund data, Gen II is uniquely positioned to deliver both your tax and fund accounting needs.

Comprehensive Tax Service

With over 25 experts, our team provides a full range of tax services including U.S. federal tax compliance, state tax compliance, and tax operations.

12 Months Versus 2 Months

Gen II Tax is a year-round relationship. Our teams continuously maintain and monitor your data all year long so you gain surveillance and early insights that can facilitate more timely tax impact decision-making.

Easier on You

When you pair fund administration with tax services from Gen II, the teams coordinate with each other, so you don’t have to. This means information sharing and decision-making become far more efficient and far less time-consuming.

High Efficiency and Early Insight

Gen II Tax Services offers Early Insights, giving our clients a competitive advantage. Early Insights facilitates tax impact decision-making by utilizing a surveillance posture to provide support as needed, when needed.

One-Stop Shop

Utilizing both Gen II’s Fund Services and Tax Services allows for efficient information sharing and decision-making at a global level, without transitioning any work. With direct access to your accounting team, Gen II Tax greatly reduces your time spent coordinating the tax preparation process.

Gen II Tax Services

Gen II Tax Services is a full-service tax offering focused solely on the unique needs of private equity funds and their investors. Our comprehensive, practical approach focuses on partnering with the fund and its managers to assist with planning and compliance needs for the combined benefit of all stakeholders. The team is entirely focused on the complex tax issues facing the private equity industry.

Federal Tax Compliance Services:

  • Preparation, signing as Paid Preparer and filing of federal tax returns (Forms 1065, 1120, 1120-F)
  • Investor Tax Reporting (K-1, K-3, footnotes, estimates and K-1 equivalents)
  • Foreign Information Reporting
  • Additional Federal Compliance Services

State Tax Compliance Services:

  • Preparation, signing as Paid Preparer, and filing of all state tax returns
  • Preparation and filing of state extensions
  • Calculation and remittance of state tax payments
  • Notice analysis and response

Tax Operations Services:

  • Calculation assistance with tax accruals
  • Assistance with annual and quarterly audit process
  • Calculation and remittance of withholding on investor cash flows, including the administration of W-8IMY look-through withholding
  • Monitoring of blocker cash balances for distribution assistance

For more information about Gen II Tax Services, contact us at tax@gen2fund.com

Published on: June 7, 2023

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