Tailored solutions for your unique strategies

Gen II provides industry-leading fund administration services that support clients across various asset classes and strategies. This enables our sponsor clients to demonstrate increased control, quality, and transparency to their investors and stakeholders.

We tailor solutions to support your goals and those of your investors, throughout the entire lifecycle of your investment vehicle. Based on your unique investment strategy, we offer an integrated approach with our vast array of services including:

  • A dedicated team of subject matter experts
  • Fund launch consultation and guidance
  • Complete fund accounting and administration
  • Secure and complete investor services
  • Comprehensive reporting for financials, investors, and overall performance
  • Computation of fees, profit allocations, loan amortization, and carried interest
  • Comprehensive financial, investor, and performance reporting
  • Data analytics and integration
  • Compliance services for the US Securities and Exchange
  • Commission, FATCA support, CR support, and reporting services
  • Coordination with other service providers

Minimize risk with a trusted partner

As requirements and regulations continue to increase, due diligence also becomes increasingly important. Therefore, you need a fund administrator you can trust.

Partnering with Gen II means you’re supported by an experienced fund administrator with the expertise and infrastructure to meet your investor expectations while allowing you to focus on your investments.

Analytics designed specifically for you

Our suite of proprietary tools and digital technologies elevates your data to a new level of sophistication where you can access your information when you need it.

Our holistic technology platform lies at the heart of Gen II’s fund administration service offering. Designed and built in the cloud, this platform combines industry-leading applications with our internally developed platforms to provide clients and their investors with a secure and comprehensive solution to easily access their data.