Make your management company more efficient

In the private equity investment industry, management companies are responsible for the overall management and day-to-day operations, as well as investor services and administration relating to an investment partnership.

Management company administration becomes much more effective by engaging a third-party administrative services group familiar with private equity investing, overall compliance, and investor relations. Gen II has lengthy experience in the administrative support of management companies having worked with groups of varying sizes and configurations.

Best-in-class fund administration services

You need a complete investment management solution that provides accounting and administrative services — and one that allows you to focus on strategy and funding while providing investors with the services they need and want.

In this age of strenuous reporting requirements, Gen II delivers control and transparency, providing our robust combination of the best core administrative practices and the cloud-based, real-time analytics you need. 

At Gen II, we offer management companies a fully customizable service plan implemented and supported by a dedicated team of back-office professionals that includes:

  • New firm and fund launch consultation
  • Review of operational best practices
  • Establishment of standard operating procedures
  • Management company budgeting and forecasting
  • Management company accounting and reporting
  • Bill payment and vendor maintenance
  • Expense tracking and allocation
  • Comprehensive financial and operational reporting
  • Data analytics and integration
  • Coordination with other service providers

Timely & accurate financial reports

Like in many industries, often principals and GPs in investing partnerships are fully versed in their unique market, asset values, and return on investment within their field, but prefer to leave the day-to-day financial aspects of investor relations to administrative experts.

With Gen II’s full-spectrum back-office administrative services, everything from forecasting and budgeting to reporting and compliance can be tailored to meet or exceed the expectations of investors and principals.


Analytics designed specifically for you

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Gen II’s cloud-based, purpose-driven analytics platform, Private Equity Exchange or PEX, creates a reporting and analytics environment that allows you to design and customize output for both you and your investors. PEX absorbs vast amounts of digital information, and once assimilated, your data analytics can be normalized, sorted, and seamlessly reported in your selected format.

We achieve an integrated environment where the dimensions of your legal entities, investors, investments, and GL activity are maintained within PEX using ultra-secure data encryption to provide you with on-demand access from any device. The pre-defined suite of proprietary tools and digital technologies allows you to access your information in real time.