Right from the start, Gen II operations and delivery have been entirely cloud-based. We built a fully integrated purpose-built Private Equity platform. We call it private equity exchange “pex”. We ingest vast arrays of disparate data, use automation to normalize it, then slice, sort and report it with seamless reporting and the ability to integrate with your systems.

Reporting & analytics that you design

Our platform is an accounting system and database in one, enabling us to customize reporting and analytics to your requirements.

You define the
data dimensions

Our team builds reporting and analytical micro-systems on the power of our data mart.

We program,
secure and report it

You consume your data, reports and analytics how, when and where you choose.

You use it in the
form best for you

Instant access to all your fund data

Sensr® is a fully managed fund performance and attribution analysis tool purpose-built for Private Equity Sponsors. It provides Gen II clients with a next-generation, web-based reporting solution that offers dynamically generated performance metrics. Sensr® gives you aggregation and drill down capabilities across your funds, investments, and investors.

Purpose-built applications

You’ll have access to a suite of proprietary applications and analytics tools that take fund administration to new levels of sophistication.

Data Ingestion
Data & Analytics

Powerful data and analytics engine that that gives you instant access to all your data.

Waterfall Engine
Waterfall Engine

Frees your profit split calculations from the limits of Excel.

C Suite
Data Ingestion

Brings together disparate data arrays from both new and traditional sources.

Credit Calculator
Credit Calculator

Built to account for, calculate and track the nuances of private credit.

Full featured, fully compliant

Our Private Exchange Platform (pex) includes a suite of market-leading IaaS, PaaS and SaaS components blended into a powerful, ready, and compliant environment.

Cloud-Based Platforms
Mobile Access
On-Demand Access
Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning
Modular Architecture
Secure Data Encryption
ILPA Template Compliant
NIST-SEC Cybersecurity Compliant