Liftout Case Study | Enhancing Fund Operations

Updated on: April 13, 2023

$650 Billion Global Asset Manager Gets Results with a Liftout 

Gen II fund administration sets growth foundation.   

A $650 billion-plus global asset manager decided to pursue a liftout of its fund administration operations and turned over these duties to Gen II. By outsourcing to Gen II, the asset manager not only saw greater efficiencies and capabilities but the liftout ultimately provided a foundation for growth.

Asset managers typically begin to consider outsourcing fund administration duties after one of the following events, or a combination of them: 

  • They discover the company’s legacy technology infrastructure is so dated that it’s incompatible with the latest front-office tools or reporting software. 
  • Back-office and middle-office professionals begin to leave without a defined career path. 
  • Compliance or operational risks spike due to rote manual processes and the latency feeding downstream systems.

To solve the above issues and more, the fund turned to Gen II. Read the case study for full results:  Liftout Case Study | Enhancing Fund Operations

Published on: September 9, 2021

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