Streamline your fund administration services

Private equity fund of funds (FOFs) provide investors with exposure to a diversified portfolio of private equity investments that would otherwise be difficult to access due to high minimum investment requirements, lengthy lock-up periods, and the need for specialized knowledge and expertise.

Outsourcing your fund administration can help fund of funds to ensure accurate and timely reporting and stay up-to-date with changing regulatory requirements. With a partner like Gen II, you can breathe easy knowing your fund’s accounting and back-office functions are well in hand and being administered by experts.

Gen II offers you and your investors an administrative team that understands a fund of funds investment strategy and offers the highest levels of transparency available in an ever-changing regulatory environment.  Providing independent oversight and reporting, is particularly important for fund of funds, which need to provide detailed reporting to their investors on the underlying private equity funds in their portfolio.

You also have access to Gen II’s specialized knowledge and experience in private equity fund administration, including the use of technology platforms that automate and streamline administrative processes.


Tailored solutions for your unique strategies

Our service model provides you with a dedicated team of financial professionals that are informed, experienced, and have the breadth of knowledge required when working with the multiple asset types involved in a fund of funds investment strategy.

Gen II’s knowledgeable principals administer our fund of funds clients, with fund structures domiciled in the U.S., Luxembourg, or the Cayman Islands. As with any strategy that involves crossing geographical lines, a dedicated Gen II Principal utilizes a holistic approach, coordinating all deliverables and processes for your relationship.

  • Fund launch consultation and guidance
  • Comprehensive transition and launch assistance
  • Track investments at the most granular level
  • Complete accounting and administration for primary and secondary funds
  • Investor services
  • Computation of fees, profit allocations, and carried interest
  • Comprehensive financial, investor, and performance reporting
  • Maintain fund notices and statements for each underlying fund
  • Incorporate valuations into fund of funds or secondary funds for partner accounts
  • Look through holdings analysis
  • Data analytics and integration
  • Coordination with other service providers
  • Capturing/reporting on all individual components of the notices from the underlying investment

Complex accounts, made simple

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Based on Gen II’s 25+ years of principal experience, we provide our clients with the structure and expertise of an institutional-grade service. Our thorough and extensive work in the private equity accounting field ensures that you and your investor receive top-tier fund administration services in line with all current regulatory requirements.

Our transition team works tirelessly to ensure your fund of funds is onboarded efficiently and effectively, working in tandem with our client service team, so that your investors experience a seamless transition.

Once onboarded, Gen II’s team of accounting professionals provides best-in-class fund accounting and administration while ensuring industry-leading security measures protect your valuable information.

Analytics designed specifically for you

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Gen II’s cloud-based, purpose-driven analytics platform, Private Equity Exchange or PEX, customizes output that best represents your data and reporting at the granular level. Fund of fund administration demands a reporting and analytics environment that allows you to tailor output for both you and your investors. PEX absorbs vast amounts of digital information, and once assimilated, your data analytics can be normalized, sorted, and seamlessly reported in your selected format.

We achieve a blended environment of accounting and database information with PEX that uses ultra-secure data encryption to provide you with on-demand access from any device. The pre-defined suite of proprietary tools and digital technologies allows you to access your information in real-time from anywhere.