Fund administration by industry experts

Gen II provides private equity sponsors with a complete and comprehensive range of fund administration services with the industry's most experienced and longest-tenured team.

As a provider of private equity administrative services, our experienced team has been at the forefront of the evolution of fund administration from relatively simple to extraordinarily complex. We meet new demands by deploying ever-expanding human capital, greater technological resources, and staying ahead of continually evolving expectations.

Best-in-class fund administration services

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At Gen II, we provide private equity clients with an opportunity to tailor their service plan with our team and leverage our deep expertise in back-office administration, including a wide range of preferred returns/waterfall models, complex allocations, and understanding of their unique implications for US, European, and hybrid financial firms.

Your dedicated team will maintain financial books and records and investor contact databases, while also delivering client service that avoids the typical service gaps that occur with disparate teams.

In addition, Gen II offers US GAAP, IFRS, and tax basis financial reporting and is current with all ILPA guidelines and reporting standards - including the use of ILPA-compliant notices, reporting, and fee templates.

Your service plan will be a customized from the following list of services:

  • Fund launch consultation and guidance
  • Comprehensive transition and launch assistance
  • Financial, investor, and investment reporting, including footnotes
  • Preparation of supporting documents for independent auditors and tax advisors, as well as audit confirmations for LPs
  • GIPS standards support
  • Look-through reporting for Fund-of-Fund entities
  • Performance reporting and modeling
  • Underlying fund analytics
  • Support for credit facility borrowings, repayments, and payoffs
  • Calculations for management fees, carried interest, and preferred returns
  • Realized and unrealized waterfall calculations, including on a hypothetical basis
  • Portfolio investment reporting
  • Capital call and distribution processing
  • Maintenance of capital accounts
Gen II is the rare administrator that separates its quality control division from client service operations, a Gen II "standard of operation" since the firm opened in 2009. Additionally, at Gen II, all US Fund Administration clients are supported by teams based in the US.

Timely & accurate financial reports

At Gen II, we provide a tailored approach to our fund sponsors’ accounting needs because we understand that requirements can be different based on your fund’s stage of maturity, as well as the business sector you inhabit.

With a thorough knowledge of the best practices for accounting principles and transparent reporting processes within each industry sector, we provide you with accurate, timely reporting. Our private equity accounting services cover a range of activities, from evaluating financial performance and valuations to producing transparent financial reports, which allows you to strengthen bottom-line performance while managing overall costs.

Analytics designed specifically for you

We offer a cloud-based, purpose-driven private equity platform that allows us to absorb vast amounts of digital information. Once assimilated, your data analytics can be normalized, sorted, and seamlessly reported in the format that we customize for you and your investors.

As a single-source data information platform, it has customizable dashboards and reporting via an unlimited set of integrated user-defined metrics and, through advanced cybersecurity compliance, allows you on-demand access to your data in real-time, from any device.